Thank you


Thank you

Today I am 50 years old. A dream come true: sharing the creations of my lifetime journey. For me, it’s been an act of humility, generosity, and sacrifice. Much of these works have been hidden for years, victims of my self-criticism, embarrassment and inferiority complex. They are toxic ideas that I decided to shake them away with all my strength.At age 50, I have gathered the courage and inspiration to deliver them. And what I have received on trade has surpassed all my expectations. It’s been a bath of love and inspiration by the hand of beautiful people, full of curiosity and impregnated with regenerating energy.I want to talk to you soon of the magical act that has represented this exhibition and my passage to the 50 years. I need a few days off. Today, above all, I want to thank all the wonderful people who have shared this experience with me. Some, without knowing me, traveling more than 6 hours from other cities. Wow! I have no words. I accept it and I’m responsible for this gift with the intention of give in it all in the future.I want to especially thank Naomi, who has supported me, encouraged and patiently helped during these months of preparation.

Thanks to my dear friends Samper, Pablo, and Luz for their inspiration, support and unconditional love.

To my allies, my dearest beings who left to another reality. They accompanied me, giving me strength and protection.

To all those who have shared with me the illusion. Some in Seattle, many in Spain. I felt you’ve been all very close to me. Wherever my guests saw paintings, I would see magical mirrors in which all of you were appearing through memories, experiences and sounds.

It is good to be able to fulfill your dreams and years with you.
Thank you / Eskerrik asko / Thank you
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