The Homesick Willow


The Homesick Willow


9 years ago now, in September 2008, Naomi and I moved with 4 suitcases and two laptops to the Seattle area. Just a few weeks later I already had my drafting table set up and, spontaneously, I made this pencil drawing, “The Homesick Willow.” The image showed up in my head one night, probably under the influence of the wonderful old trees that surrounded us in the new neighborhood where we moved to.

Sometimes, the power of the creative mind can get quite surprising. Many times I have created, in a subliminal mode, images or texts that anticipate events or feelings that do happen in my life. This is one of those cases. At the time I did this drawing, I had been in the US just a few weeks. I was very excited about discovering a new world, a new life, new people… I had not yet had time enough to feel the deep and heartbreaking feeling of missing my people and my culture that would stay with me for years to come.

“The Homesick Willow” is a story about a poet who lives with his wife and daughter in a small house in a small village. Always absorbed in his poetry, imagining an ideal universe, he would spend the hours walking around the nearby forests, detached from reality. One day, the poet stops to look at a beautiful willow tree. He wonders how it would be to be a willow, instead of a man. He puts all his intention into that thought. So intensely, that his mind jumps to a parallel dimension. Just like a spell, the poet becomes the willow. He has fulfilled his dream.

But now he is trapped in an indefinite world, where he is neither man nor willow. Days and weeks pass. The willow man, from the hill in the forest, sees his house, his wife and daughter, getting old in their daily human life. The years go by. The willow keeps watching the house and crying. He doesn’t need to fantasize any longer about the idea of ​​being a tree in the woods. But he knows that if was back to his human condition, still he would keep dreaming of being a willow. He’s stuck between two worlds.

Long after drawing and writing this story, I realized that it was talking about myself: I am the Homesick Willow.

Very often as curious and creative people, we feel the need to explore and experience other places, other worlds. Above all, we need to look for prosperity. A fertile ground for our personal and creative needs. We end up doing somersaults. In my case, I ended up moving to a place extremely far from my people. it’s kind of hard for me to settle down. As soon as I stay in a place for a few months, I want to go. I need new stimuli. The same thing happens to me with my projects. If I do not learn and experiment with new things, I get bored very quickly. But when I go, then it’s really hard for me to live without my people and my culture.

In a not too distant future, thanks to technological advances and the development of our mind’s potential, I’m sure that many of these space-time barriers will disappear. But until that moment comes, I have learned a few things:

  • Everything is possible. Dreams come true. I have seen many dreams manifest throughout my life. Some seemed very improbable, if not impossible. For example, to be able to do this retrospective IMAGINARIUM exhibition, barely a year after I decided to do it without knowing how or where.
  • You cannot fulfill all of your dreams at once and just the way you want. Life, which always seeks the expansion of consciousness, has its mysterious ways. I learn to gratefully accept the way it manifests my dreams, although many times it doesn’t fit my expectations.
  • It’s not important what we want, but what we need. Many times it takes time and trouble to find out or accept what we really need to be happy and develop ourselves personally. The heart knows better. Life knows better.
  • It’s always more productive to concentrate on what we have than what we lack. That’s the material with which we make dreams come true.
  • In order to grow up in life, is vital to have dreams and experience them. But there is never anything so valuable and important as the love of the important people around us. Without love, magic doesn’t happen.

The Homesick Willow is one of the works that can be seen in my retrospective exhibition IMAGINARIUM.

IMAGINARIUM / Visions of Sounds
Saturday 21st October, 5 -9 PM
Sunday 22nd October, 11 -1 PM
843 Hiawatha Artspace Lofts
Seattle, Central District
Free Admission

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