Koldo Barroso’s IMAGINARIUM / Visions of Sounds
50 years of Magic, Imagination and Album Cover Art from Spanish artist Koldo Barroso.

Koldo Barroso celebrates his 50th birthday on a tour around his various dreamtime universes with a collection of more than 60 original works of art, including:

  • Fantasy books
  • Magic Realism paintings
  • Surreal engravings
  • Stories of impossible creatures
  • Illustrations of visions
  • Electronic landscapes

On this journey you will meet:

  • Ancient shamans from undiscovered worlds raising the cosmic consciousness.
  • Surreal soundscapes surrounded by tribal heartbeats.
  • Hidden doors to Magic Realism quarters.
  • Pieces of the artist’s heart entangled in ghostly love stories.
  • Impossible creatures that you would like to hug.
  • Labyrinths of analog woods.

I must confess“, says Koldo, “Most of the work that I’m showing has never been exhibited before. I’m now ready to share the secret stories behind them. Many of the pieces have to do with supernatural events, magic encounters and my curiosity to understand the mystery of the cosmic  consciousness.”

Koldo Barroso is a Spanish multimedia artist, illustrator and book author living in Seattle since 2008. He has written several magic and imagination books. Many of his creations are linked to pagan legends, mysterious creatures, and ancient Goddesses from his ancestry in the mountains of the Basque Country.

Koldo started working on album cover illustrations in late 80’s and has been involved, as a visual artist and as a musician, in a number of music projects with Progressive Rock, Electronic, Fusion and Experimental artists. His cover art has illustrated works of  artists from bands like King Crimson, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Thinking Plague, Fairport Convention and No-Man.

For this unique event, I’m creating an atmosphere where Ambient, Tribal, and Electronic Landscapes merge with my visual worlds.” I want it to be an opportunity to enter and connect with these realities that I believe come from somewhere else.“, says Koldo.

Who will enjoy this exhibition?

  • Fantasy, Imagination and Sci-Fi fans.
  • Magic and mystery lovers.
  • Electronic, prog and experimental music devotees.
  • Illustrators and comic artists.
  • Anyone interested in ancient European cultures.
  • Album cover art fans.
  • Curious people are not afraid to see something different.

For me, this journey is a true act of sacrifice, love, and exorcism.” Many of these images and creatures have been locked in closets for years and decades, waiting for a new beginning of my life and art“.

Join us the opening day on October 21st for a special celebration.
During the opening hour, we will share for free:

  • Typical Mediterranean alcoholic beverages.
  • Spanish tapas and finger food.
  • Very special music.
Koldo Barroso’s IMAGINARIUM / Visions of Sounds
Saturday October 21st. 5 PM to 9 PM
Sunday October 22nd. 11 AM to 1 PM
843 Hiawatha Artspace Lofts
Seattle, Central District

Free admission.

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